Male Depression

This Web Site is about my personal journey.

To me Male Depression, Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks are like the Three Brothers who have come from somewhere deep within the dark side. Sometimes they travel separately occasionally they have come hunting for me together as a pack of hungry soul destroyers.

If you encounter them separately their effects on your health can be destructive.

Unwittingly I first encountered the Three Brothers while they were hunting for my soul and together they totally devastated my life as I once knew it.

Yes, I have been there. My name is Graeme.

This Web Site is about my journey. It’s my account of what happened when Depression, Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks each came into my life and changed everything I once took for granted. It also explores the self help actions I took to regain my self-esteem after my encounter with the Three Brothers.

I am telling you of my Journeyin hope that it may help alleviate some of the stigma mental illness can cause. I hope it may help the public’s perception of mood disorders.

Most importantly I want to give energy and hope to any person who is experiencing Depression, Anxiety Attacks and or Panic Attacks. I want to encourage people to dig deep into their souls to find the energy to fight back against the effects of their negative powers.

If you have found the story of my journey because you, or someone you are close to, know the weight of The Three Brothers all I can say is; it is time to Fight The Bastards as hard as you can.

There are NO Rules. Anything goes and Everything works in Your favour once you find the strength to want to believe in yourself.

It is Your Life, Reclaim the Power. You are worth a Better Life. You are Important.

Depressionhas dragged me backwards and taken the pleasure out of my life. It has had me drifting through darkness – doubting my own worth. It has had me wondering if there will ever be a future for me or if I can ever be worthy again. The darkness of Depression has had my mind in such a confused state I have found myself believing I should end my life, just walk away because the pain, torment and misery is not worth the effort of living.

Fortunately my confused thoughts that had me thinking relief could come from suicide came into my life afterI became aware of the negative power Depression had on my mind. Otherwise I may not be here now to build this Web Site and tell you where I have been.

The fear (or thought) of Suicide from Depression has remained a constant reminder within me of how destructively powerful negative thoughts can be to me, but I now know it is just a symptom of my Depression.

To me it is just like a runny nose is a symptom of a head cold.

Anxiety Attacks caused me to fear the worst. Without warning and for no apparent reason Anxiety Attacks have had me hiding from the shadows of total doom and gloom. Despair and fear can come with an Anxiety Attack and when it does it is overwhelming.

Panic Attackshave the scary ability to cause me to feel everything is falling apart, right here – right now, as though the sky is falling on me. I have woken from deep sleep in total fear; with my heart pounding so heavily I feared I would explode and being aware of every minute sound.

Panic attackshave caused me to break into heavy perspiration from fear.

Panic has had me believing I will not survive the moment.

I have experienced many side effects that I can now contribute to the Three Brothers; Depression – Anxiety – Panic.

For me, I guess one of the most destructive of all the side effect was the onset of my Sexual Dysfunction. Fortunately some side effects are not permanent and following good treatment, care and the re-development of my self-belief, this side effect has been relieved.

If you are interested in my journey please follow my links and discover where I have been – and the effects the Three (mongrel) Brothers have had on my life and how I worked through the hold each of them had over me.

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